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Tampa Bay home prices spike

by The 100 Companies

In the last five years, average home prices in some areas of Tampa Bay have gone up as much as 210%, according to data from Zillow analyzed by Axios.

The biggest increases occurred in Lakeland’s Eaton Park (up 210% from $46,038 to $142,983), Ybor City and Palmetto Beach in Tampa (up 135% from $83,048 to $194,826), Winston in Lakeland (up 117% from $85,499 to $142,018), East Tampa (up 115% from $92,412 to $198,281) and Pasco County’s Holiday (up 114% from $70,705 to $151,603).

Most growth occurred in the last year.

–  Janelle Irwin Taylor, Extensive Enterprises

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