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Advance your career via TikTok

by The 100 Companies
Advance your career

TikTok can be more than just trendy memes and dance routines. Many video creators have dedicated their accounts to helping people launch their careers.

Their career-ready content includes:

1.  Tech tricks: Some TikTok accounts reveal technology timesavers, whether it’s an Excel shortcut or Photoshop technique.

2.  LinkedIn reviews: Rob Cancilla, an executive recruiter with over 100,000 followers, is known for evaluating LinkedIn profiles in 60 seconds or less.

3.  Interview advice: TikTok users can find commonly asked interview questions, along with answer suggestions.

Posting videos doesn’t automatically ensure credibility, but the accessible content can provide viewers with new perspectives on their career journeys.

– Emily Sjoberg, The Pittsburgh 100

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