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Tropical Twist on Pumpkin Carving

Jack-O-Lantern made from a pineapple

When it’s still 90 degrees in October, it can be hard to get into the fall spirit. Instead of fighting summer’s persistence, embrace it with a pumpkin spice latte on ice and a weather-appropriate Jack-O-Lantern made from a pineapple. Tips for success:

– Pick a pineapple with some girth so there’s enough flat surface area to carve.

– Cut off the top symmetrically and carve out the fruit in one big cylindrical chunk. (Bonus: No yucky pumpkin pulp!)

– Ditch the usual flimsy carving tools — you’ll need a knife.

– Keep facial features simple and be careful the rind doesn’t collapse.

Tyler Killette, B2 Communications

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