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Bringing the 48 Hour Film Project to Life

by The 100 Companies
Wendy Robbins

Producing any type of event can be tough and intense. For the 48 Hour Film Project, it can be grueling, but incredibly worth it according to the Tampa-St. Petersburg City Producer, Wendy Robbins. It takes about 150 to 200 hours from start to finish.

“For me, I absolutely love our filmmakers and getting to see what they create,” says Robbins, who started as a filmmaker herself and at times still misses the thrill of the competition.

She has been the City Producer for the past four years and plans to always be a part of the 48HFP in some capacity.

Secure a ticket online for tonight’s virtual Premiere Screening. Starting at 7 p.m. EST. 

– Margot Calmar, The 100 Companies

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